Malaga is an ideal destination for MICE events. There is a very large variety of activities for incentive groups and here are some examples:

1- Music Box: This activity is a perfect ice-breaker and so much fun. It is similar to a TV musical show where participants will get to sing, guess, answer questions, dance and show their improvising skills! It will be hosted by a great entertainer, and the game will be all about the most famous and popular songs which guarantees everyone will have the time of their lives!

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2- Andalusian Feria: This is a unique activity which allows incentive groups to discover a big part of the Andalusian culture. Everyone has heard about the famous Ferias in Malaga, Seville and this is a good opportunity to have your own including games, music, gastronomy, decoration, fortune teller, sherry pourer, caricaturist, etc. 

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3- Catamaran incentives: A boat charter is always a good idea for MICE groups, especially incentives. Whether it is for a party, a team building on board or to enjoy some watersports and so on. No matter the size of the group, there are many catamaran options in Malaga.

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4- Watersports: Who doesn't love watersports? Who doesn't want to enjoy the beach when in Malaga, especially on an incentive trip? Even for large groups, up to 100 people, there are fun and exciting watersports available such as jetski, parasaling,  waterskiing, dolphin spotting, speed boat, kayaking, pedalboats and many more

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These are only a few examples of all the incentive activities that can be done in Malaga for MICE groups. Some are cultural, some are sports activities, boat activites, some involve the local gastronomy and so on. 

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